Motorcycle accident management training

We provide Accredited and non accredited training within our Motorcycle Accident Management training Australia wide.  

All of our training programs that include a code in the title EG HLTAID include a pre course online learning component. 

You will be able to decifer if this course is accredited or non accredited under the menu heading of each course date. 

Some of our training is subsidized by the relevant Government/ council or road safety division in your state/territory.  These are indicted with an orange coloured booking button. 

examples below

Geelong Victoria - upcoming training dates

Choosing First Aid for Motorcyclists for your Motorcycle accident management training is the optimal decision. As the original providers of specialized training in Australia, they offer comprehensive programs nationwide, being Australian owned and operated.

Enrolling in these courses not only significantly enhances your riding experience but also instills a heightened sense of confidence and safety.

This training equips riders with essential skills for effectively managing accidents and emergencies, whether on the road or off-road.

The focus on motorcycle-specific first aid ensures that riders are not only better prepared to address injuries unique to their sport but also adept at handling situations with quick and decisive actions.

By incorporating this specialized training into your riding repertoire, you contribute not only to your personal safety but also to creating a more secure environment for fellow riders.

The acquired knowledge empowers riders to navigate potential hazards with a calm and informed demeanor, fostering a community of responsible and confident motorcyclists on both roads and off-road trails.

What is HLTAID011 Provide first aid

HLTAID011, or Provide First Aid, is a paramount training course that equips individuals with comprehensive first aid skills essential for responding to a broad spectrum of emergencies.

First Aid for Motorcyclists, as a provider, ensures a specialized focus on injuries stemming from motorcycle accidents.

This targeted approach is designed to address the unique challenges posed by such incidents, preparing participants to manage injuries specific to motorcycling scenarios. The commitment to ensuring the highest level of training sets First Aid for Motorcyclists apart, guaranteeing that participants receive thorough and expert instruction.

By enrolling in HLTAID011 with First Aid for Motorcyclists, individuals not only gain a broad understanding of first aid principles but also receive specialized training tailored to the specific needs of motorcyclists, fostering a safer riding environment.